Thursday, April 4, 2013

Specialty T-Shirts with Sensitive messages; Gluten-Free, Wheat-Free, Dairy-Free, Peanut-Free, etc...

With SensitiviTees™ you can make sure that other people are sensitive to your child’s needs—with a little bit of lighthearted fun mixed in! 

SensitiviTees™ is a unique line of clothing for babies, toddlers, children, and adults that convey something special about the wearer that can be very helpful for others to know about. 

Through whimsical artwork and colorful “be sensitive” messages, the SensitiviTees™ apparel line broadcasts your message and helps others be more understanding about potentially sensitive situations—from food allergies to new adoptions to breast cancer awareness. 

A look at our website,, will show you why SensitiviTees™ 
is “the sharing caring clothing company.”

SensitiviTees™ grew out of our experiences dealing with our son’s food allergies, and our concerns about how to deal with this issue as he entered school; we were very nervous about a teacher or teacher’s aide not remembering about our son’s allergies since even our own family members forget! We understand from our own first-hand experience how hard it can be sometimes for parents to get the word out about a particular issue and hope that everyone around your children understands as well. 

As moms who care deeply about helping other people become more sensitive to our son’s allergies, we wanted to do everything possible to help him. Out of this concern came our solution and in July 2010, the SensitiviTees™ line of graphic apparel was born.

After developing our line of allergy-related sensitivity messages, we soon realized that the "be sensitive" message was applicable to other areas of life, such as adoption and same-sex parenting, so we added those designs to our SensitiviTees™ brand. In 2012 we added gluten-free to our line. Feel free to contact us at with your suggestion for other messages for our graphic shirts, dresses, and infant clothing and accessories.

You can purchase any of our designs (above) by logging on to our website: