Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Recognizing The Civil Rights Of Gays And Lesbians To Marry

There are a few other states that have created legal unions and civil unions that confer some, but not all, of the benefits and protections of married status. In New Jersey, where we are based, the organization Garden State Equality works tirelessly to support and promote marriage equality (it is also the single largest civil rights organization in the whole state!). We look forward to the day when the remaining 41 give up their bans and restrictions and follow suit with the nine that currently uphold full marriage equality for everyone.

If you know a couple who’s getting ready to celebrate their wedding, civil union, or commitment ceremony, we have fun designs for men and women to proclaim their happy occasion or status as a committed couple. They make great bridal shower or bachelor party favors for friends and family as well!

For many committed couples, it might not be long before starting a family becomes the next big step, so be sure to check out our “got dads” and “got moms” styles for the parents or their children.

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